Check out what is happening for the month of July in our Infant, Toddler and Preschool rooms!




Current Fundraising Events

Summer Fun Fundraiser

TLC Centre is preparing for our second annual Summer Fun Fundraiser. Our goal is to put together one or more packages of liquor and patio party/BBQ type items.

The success of this fundraiser exclusively depends on support from parents, caregivers, and/or any other sponsor who wishes to donate items to be included in the packages. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in benefiting our centre and enable us to continue providing program enrichment such as the Music Therapy sessions.

A donation can be made in any of the following forms:

Please turn in all donations by July 15, 2019. Donations greater than $25 are eligible for a tax receipt. Proof of item value is required. If you are interested in a tax receipt, please include the purchase receipt that states the item description as well as the dollar amount.

Please arrange to have the items dropped off at the office with Anita. Thank you for your continued support.

TLC Fundraising 2019

All Funds raised go directly towards program enhancement for the children in our care.



Mabel’s Labels

Did you know that when purchasing Mabel’s Labels, 20% of your purchase will go towards TLC Centre? Shop TLC Centre page for all your label needs by going to:

Enter the TLC Campaign ID# 20173 in the search box
Click on the TLC logo;
Scroll down to “Shop to Give”;
Click on “Go Shopping”!


TLC Centre is a registered charity. If you would like to make a one time donation or set up a monthly recurring donation, please use the form below.

Tax receipts will be issued for any donation above $25.00.



Changes to Children’s Holiday Policy

After 6 months of full-time, continuous care, full-time attendees will be allocated 5 consecutive vacation days per year, where fees do not need to be paid. Parents are required to notify the Centre at least 2 weeks in advance, of when they plan to use their vacation days. The year is defined as July 1st– June 30th. The vacation week does not carry over from year to year, and resets July 1st, each year. If a child is absent for more than their allotted vacation time, parents are responsible for paying for those absent days.
Part time attendees will be calculated on a prorated basis.
Parents will be charged regular fees for statutory holidays.


Changes to our Hot Lunch Program

As of April 2019, we will be implementing the following changes to our hot lunch program: