About Us

Learning Through Play Every Day: A Glimpse Inside

TLC Centre is attached to a gym, a wonderful space to develop and expand those gross motor skills on a daily basis along with our spacious outdoor play.

During the summer months, areas of our outdoor space are designated as foot-friendly to provide the sensory experience of having grass and sand between your toes.

Children and staff alike enjoy our harvest from the raised beds in our playground. These beds provide fruits and vegetables for snacking as well as regular baking opportunities to promote Math and Science at an early age.


TLC 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Chairperson: Janine Penner

Vice-Chairperson: Kristen Schultz

Secretary: Lauren Menold

Treasurer: Kate Menold

Warren McCutcheon

Craig Spencer

Darian Cox

Gabby Nielsen

Rob Rushton


Board Committees:

Personnel Committee: Janine Penner, Kristen Schultz, Kate Menold, Gabby Nielsen
Finance Committee: Janine Penner, Kate Menold, Warren McCutcheon, Gabby Neilsen
Fundraising Committee: Kristen Schultz, Lauren Menold, Craig Spencer, Robert Rushton, Darian Cox
Facility Committee: Lauren Menold, Warren McCutcheon, Craig Spencer, Robert Rushton

Please select the links below for the latest copies of our Parent Policy and Pandemic Flu Virus Plan

TLC Parent Policies September 2020

TLC School Age Parent Policies 2022

TLC Centre Inc Pandemic Flu Virus Plan