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TLC Centre Inc.
249 1st. Street N.W.
Box 1589
Carman, Manitoba
R0G 0J0

Phone number: 204-745-1948

Director: Kimberley G.

Assistant Director: Anita M.


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    Contacting us through Fastoche? 

    Our Fastoche program is easy to use and gives parents and staff an easy way to communicate all information regarding the children in the daycare.  All parents should have received access to the Fastoche system to update their children’s info regarding pick-up permissions, allergies, doctor’s phone numbers, etc.  If you have not received this information on how to update your child’s info, please let Kimberley know, so that this can be completed as soon as possible.

    For parental use of Fastoche to inform the daycare of a sick day, ask about a balance owed, or for info on meals or daycare closings, follow these steps:

    • Add the daycare text number into your contact list on your phone for easy access.  The number is 204-500-0325.
    • Use basic commands with three pieces of info, including Who, What, and When.  For example, who would refer to the child’s name, when would be the day in question, and what could include sick, absent, doctor, etc.  The following are general texts that could be used:

    Jimmy is sick today

    Lilly will be staying home Friday

    How much do I owe for Samuel?

    Bobby and Sue won’t be there Monday

    Is the Daycare open Thursday

    What is for Lunch on Tuesday?

    • Be sure to keep the text short and to the point.  If it is not accepted, try to word it a bit differently following the guidelines above and resend.
    • Also, it is possible to send a text regarding two children at once, provided the message is the same.  For example, you can say “Jim and Bobby are staying home Tuesday”, but not “Jim is staying home Tuesday, but Bobby will be there”.  In the second case, you will need to send two messages.

    Staff use the system to send out the daily reports for each child to parents with e-mail addresses logged into the Fastoche system.  If you are not receiving the daily reports, or have any questions regarding the Fastoche system, please let staff know.

    Parents, follow us!